Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tunes 2008

All safe and settled in Helsinki, but before we get into that and too deep into 2009, I want to do a quick recap of my favorite songs from 2008. I was trying to figure out how the songs could be downloaded straight from my blog but I never found out how, so until then Ill post a link to the artist. And for finding the MP3, I would go with Elbows ( just search for the song and you should be able to find the Mp3 posted somewhere

These might not have been originally released in 2008, but it's when I discovered them. I was kind of on a disco-techno craze so that might take theme to my list.

Here we go:

#10 Friendly Fires - On Board
Debut of hipster Brit's pumpin' it up.
Friendly Fires (Myspace)

#9 MGMT - Electric Feel
Hard time saying no to MGMT being in the top ten. Their rapid ascent to stardom can't go un-noticed.
MGMT (Myspace)

#8 Said The Whale - This City's a Mess
A bit biased considering Howe Sound is one of my favorite places in the world, but this band is quite talented and refreshing.
Said The Whale (Myspace)

#7 Los Campesinos - Drop it Doe Eyes
Hold on Now, Youngster is the most upbeat album of the year, so many tracks to choose from. These crazy Whales are playing at WashU this semester! Too bad I'm in Helsinki!
Los Campesinos!

#6 The Young Punx - Fire (Phonat Remix)
A bit repetitive but I never get tired of it.
Fire -Phonat Remix (Discodust)

#5 Brazilian Girls - Good Time
Perfect, simple and fun, can bring any situation into greater spirits, great beat.
Brazilian Girls (Myspace)

#4 Cut Copy - Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
I love these Aussies reinventing the 80's neo-disco. The bass line is so solid.
Cut Copy (Myspace)

#3 Breakbot - Summer Party
French electro-techno at its greatest, has a great buildup and process and so many levels of instrumentation.

#2 Junkie XL - Mad (Night) Pursuit (Anoraak Remix)
It was a tight race for first, unfortunately this Anoraak remix comes in second. I love the seductive female vocals and the bittersweet 80's glitter effect.
Anoraak Remixes (Discodust)

#1 Janelle Monae - Many Moons
Pure talent. I'm not sure how popular she is or how quickly she will be discovered considering she is signed to Bad Boy records, but when I first hear this song I was absolutely thrilled. The video is awesome as well. Be sure to check her out.
Janelle Monae

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