Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Longest Day of My life

On Monday I experienced the longest day of my life. 38 hours total.

It started with the ending of my last Sam-cha in Korea. Sam-cha is a term used to describe 3rd round, usually third rounds have significance when going out in Korea. They mean something more than just a night out being that it was my last night in Korea I believe it qualified as a Sam-cha. The first rounds were fried chicken and Korean BBQ.

By 9 AM I was up packing and soon on my way to the airport, I then landed by8 AM after an epic ten hour flight. I was crammed into a window seat with my sweatshirt, jacket and one of my carry on bags but couldn't have been happier that all my junk was with me and venturing back home.

When I landed at SFO after a 10 Hour or -7 hour flight depending how you look at it. I was fortunate enough to be reacquainted with a friend of mine. Alyssa is one of my great friends from Hobart who volunteered to pick me up from the Airport and take me around. She commented; "You always just randomly pop up on me in California." Which is quite true but great because we always enjoy our time together. So after a walk around the park and a stare at the ocean we went to In-N-Out Burger before returning me to SFO for the final leg of my journey. It was great to see her.

After another 5 hour jaunt in the air I eventually made it home to New York in the comfort of my family its great to see them. I miss Seoul indeed, but its hard to not be excited at home with Christmas, New Years, and all my family.

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Jordan E said...

Merry Merry Christmas!!!