Thursday, February 11, 2010

CCB Exhibits!

Hey, sorry to but in on brother Bucks Panamania, but I figured some good news couldn't hurt. So in case you haven't heard I am going to be pinning up an exhibit of an idea I had featuring my studies abroad!
I attached the PDF of my proposal, so you can figure out the idea. The plan is to have as little words as possible and get this... no photos! Sounds pretty ironic for me right? Well I am trying to portray what life/culture is like in the cities I lived in and visited, and instead of presenting my experience the way I saw these places (through the lens of my camera) I thought it would be great to see how the cities choose to present themselves.

I'm hoping the no photo's will make it more powerful. I am still working out some of the logistics. What do you guys think?

So if you are in Saint Louis around the 26th of February please come by Givens hall for the opening reception /happy hour. There will also be exhibits of student work from a couple of the abroad studios. My Parentalones are coming. Can't believe they are gonna make it to SLo MO!

...resume Panamania...

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