Saturday, August 28, 2010

King Chimes

Its easy to start to feel old when someone younger than you produces incredible work.

I guess architecture requires maturity as opposed to naivety considering the "work" involved is realized in something way more complex that of a canvas or mp3 or film. A building has a lot of consequences, its beauty isn't in its temporariness.

With that being my academic approach, architects are also artists and its impossible to not appreciate other realms of artistic expression. Russ Chimes has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so and his latest electro addition is no disappointment. Its a new EP and film featuring an incredibly talented and young (-er than me) director named Saman Keshavarz ( I was inspired to write a dissertation on "The Glorified Idealization of the American Landscape built by European Social Constructs." But we'll see how far I get.

Part 1: Never Look Back is the first in a 3-part series from Russ' forthcoming EP. Each tune and respective music video release simultaneously. The next one should be posted this week. The trailer is awesome as well.

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