Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CMJ Detox

Christy and Oliver rocked the boat hard in the desert to kick off the most amazing week of the year! It was a bi-coastal binging, liver dancing all week.

For those of you who don't know... I'm too tired for explaining. Google "CMJ Week" for a more provocative description. Here is my take away.

REPTAR! ARRGH! Heard this DJ-ed a couple places, including from one of The Smiths.
Stuck in my Id by reptarmusic

Royal Teeth! After chattin with da Smiths' bloke, this kid Joshua told me the streets in New York are terrifying with a van load of band shit, and said he was playing the next night to which I responded: "Word." So Shirley and I went. Very awesome live. Holla NOLa!!

 Wild by RoyalTeeth

Blue Kid. Fiona Apple meets Adelle. Really got the chills from her voice. The rest of her band seemed to be placeholders, but this Blue Kid has incredible talent and an amazing future.
The Dismemberment Song by Blue Kid

Big shout out to cousin Stabone... Only the strong can run with us. He came out for the Fader Fort and the College Buyers Lounge where we saw 42 Below rock it... I mean the Kickdrums.
The Kickdrums - Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by The KickDrums

Final Word: If there is an event sponsored by Odoul's next year, I. AM. THERE.


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