Sunday, November 18, 2012

CMJ 2012

Welcome to the second annual CCB review of the CMJ Music Marathon.
I saw about 45 acts ranging in all types and from all locations. Here's a couple. As always I'd be more than happy

Royal Canoe
Canadians are considered tame but produce some of the most talented weirdos. Hailing from Winnistickpeg, Royal Canoe is a really fun live act almost every band member has a synthesizer or keyboard and the occasional autotune.

Kishi Bashi
The definition of Hybrid. This one man Japanese/American sang/played violin dubbed/beat boxed. And repeat/mashed up his own vocals, strings and clapping. Really unique treat.

Gold Fields
As a sucker for nostalgia rock this band hits it on the head. But don't be fooled by there tropical riffs and neo-synth's they come to bring down the house. After seeing them I had to ask the drummer how he managed to keep his head on his shoulders.

Classic good feeling Funk indie. Thanks to Jen and Kerry this guy was a priority and well worth it.

Icona Pop
The Nordic woman are by no means suppressed as compared to there male compatriates. First LCMDF from Helsinki and now these 'get the hell up and dance' chicks from Sweden know how hard beats and beauty can inspire.

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