Saturday, May 29, 2021

An Austin Holy Showing

Coming back from the Greenbelt I crested over a tall hill in Westlake and saw an incredible pre-sunset view of the Austin skyline. At that exact moment the chorus from 'Holy Show' by Pillow Queens and the city of Austin sang to me:

"If you remember a thing about me,
Tell me that it's not bad,
[like] why'd I even say that"

That is Austin talking to me.  Austin is an immature FOMO driven, 25 year-old alcoholic. A replica of myself, refusing to grow up. Austin speaks to me with vocal fry in search of elevating every happening to live in the now without wagering future consequences. It's exhilarating. It's exciting. It's exhausting.
As I flood my apartment with tears pack up my apartment Austin continues singing: 

"If you remember a thing that I said,
Spare me all the details, send me on your regales
If you remember a thing about me
Show me on the playback
Why'd I even say that?
I don't remember a thing"


Holy Show Spotify Link

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