Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Night in Helsinki

I survived my final review for our paper studio project and after a long week of organizing and pre-fabricating parts in our amazing woodshop for our design-build portion, its time to return to the island where it all began and build these suckers.

The final review for my studio project/portion of the semester went really well actually. I was overall happy with what I put on the wall, the models I built and the criticism from the reviewers. There were some logistical situations that really ticked me off but I am very happy with the way it ended (and the fact that it ended)

And since it is indeed my last night in Helsinki I am planning to go out in style, and become Finnish and yack on the street. So if you could raise your glass as I propose a toast.

Cheers to Helsinki; a city that's young but with an incredibly rich history. A city that proves that the sun does indeed make people happy. A city with a great number of awesome neighborhoods and parks and bars. I'm sorry I couldn't discover more. And a city that takes ownership of a significant part of a really important time period of my life. Thanks Helsinki, sorry that I am leaving you in your prime.
So with that said, there's no time in life for regrets, let's go have a last Helsinki hurrah!

model photo's

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