Monday, May 25, 2009

Baltic to Adriatic

Just trekked from the most remotely inhabited island in the Baltic to the historic powerhouse of the Adriatic (and world.) Utö to Venice.

It took me a total of
2 Hours on the bus
15 Hours of Ferry
3 Hour Flight
3 Hour Train Ride

I certainly didn't take the most direct route however it was very economical. Here is some quick photo's starting with the ending of Utö and ending with some teasers of Italy including my awesome 5 year old cousin. I have a European cousin who is tri-lingual, how cool!

Ill try to post again soon, till then I'm going to enjoy my two days left in Europe!


Some Sure Things said...

Utö is stunning (and I don't mean including the people in the photo), Venice is so beautiful (and I DO mean including the cutie pie in the photos!)

Borooney said...

HA! You got me there. The rocks are pretty beautiful compared to the rusty bench builders.