Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Euro Rap-up #1

Sorry its been so long folks. I really should have posted earlier. I have been back
in the good ole USA for about a month now and was doing something I hadn't done in months... be extremely lazy. It fealt really good actually and was much needed.

The semester and my travels ended overall very well. However if you were to look at it
on a graphic chart it would probably look like this:

Most of those downpoint's being attributed to a pessimistic professor, but I didn't let that ruin my spirits. The final trip to the island was pretty fun. And we got our benches done, I'll leave it at that. And the process of getting to, and checking out Venice was although financially stressful at times, very relaxing and fun. I got to see one of the most spectacular cities in the history of the world. And although I too was one of the (what felt like millions) of tourists exploring the city I got to see it simultaneously as a local from the help and hospitality of my aunt, uncle and cousin.

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