Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Euro Rap-up #2

Here is some photo's of Venice. As I mentioned previously Venice is an amazing city, the hierarchy of the planning and architecture is so well established and authoritative. You can easily sense the historical presence and feel what life was like just by walking through the city and all its small alleys. Here's some long awaited pictures. Sorry I have been so slow at this, Jordy-pie looks like shes keeping up really well. And luckily enough our blogs will cross paths again soon... details to follow.

Milan Central

Standard Venetian plaza + fountain

Grand Canal


Rialto Bridge

"Cousin Jimmy can I make a photo"

Salute, Felicities shool was right around the block from this church, who wouldn't mind going to school there?

Island of Burano, I'll never forget the way the vaporetto lady said the name of this island. So loud and routine.

From the top of San Giorgio

Canal (not grand)

St Mark's

Cousin Felicity and Uncle Bobby

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