Monday, August 31, 2009

안녕 서울

bye bye USA.... hello South Korea

Greetings from one of the world's fastest developing cities. Seoul, where one of our Urban Issues professors described his job as somewhat of a patriotic duty saying "we simply cannot lose this market." Old and new claim to co-exist here, in a mess of high rises, markets and urban green development. I guess with a rugged landscape and so many people the only place to go, is up. I like it here. The city is vast and fast paced with a transit system perhaps bigger than any other in the world. But in this swooping development movement Korean's and I guess city planners never lose touch with their core, the mandoo (dumpling) stands, the kitschy convenient stores, and Soju/beer shacks are all integrated into these tower complexes.

Its been more than a week but Ill say its a week because those couple of days after spending 18 hours on planes was quite disorienting. I still don't know what happened. But since then I have had an amazing time. Its quite fun and suspenseful not knowing what areas will look like or what things will taste like. You gotta be bold and try everything, because it's quite gratifying when you find something you like. Stay tuned for more detailed findings.

Before class.... After class

Welcome dinner from our studio Professor Kim and his wife

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