Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Field Trip Week

Korea has been awesome! This is our 3rd week of class but so far It has been almost all field trips! We went to Paju Book City a small place for contemporary architects to build galleries and publishing works and houses, and that same day we went to Heyri Art Valley, which is a village for artists to build there modern homes and have there mini urban farms. It was kind of weird. TMA (too much architecture) for me.

Beautiful art gallery designed by Portuguese Architect and friend of Professor Kim, Alvaro Siza.

Very fine concrete and all natural lighting on the interior

Publishing office designed by our studio Professor Kim

The man and his building (and Jordy)

Building at Heyri Art Valley. Yeah even I was a bit confused.

Beard on Bike who saw 10 people crammed in a van suspiciously driving around Heyri Art Valley. Whose sketchier?

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