Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digitally Photo

After using a film SLR for the past 6 years, I find digital photography incredibly overwhelming. In the world we have so much visual information, these days camera's can excessively document that information, and then there is so many ways to manipulate that information with the computer. Don't get me wrong I love my camera Ma' and I love to photo stuff its just hard not to get overwhelmed. Plus doesn't anyone miss the suspense of dropping off and developing film?

So with that said....

Have you ever tried to invert a light-trace photo in photoshop? I know this may sound really studious to some and cheesy to others, but I was fooling around with it the other day and found out that sometimes it looks pretty cool. I often don't like my light trace photo's because there is usually only two dominant colors (red from tail-lights and white from head-lights/streetlights) and a lot of murky colors from the reflected light.

Here is some comparisons. Some look like x-rays others look like paintings.

Yeah I cheated with the Hue (color) a bit on this one.


ZimmDizzle said...

Sick bro. . . Sick!

ZimmDizzle said...

This is Andy Z's mom-I was reading Jordan's blog and clicked into yours-love your descriptions and photos-makes me feel closer to Andy and what he is experiencing-keep it coming!