Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know everyone thinks it's funny the way I say it, but it truly gets the point across here. Seoul is HUGE. Uuu-juh.

We went on a hike for our history class. And the trail was rather intense compared to a classroom. Ingwangsan is 338 meters up and our professor was trying to stick to a packed schedule so we went faster than I expected. Seoul is also very mountainous. Huge and Mountainous.

The views over "the city" were incredible. It's hard to see where it starts and where it stops. Unlike in the standard US city there seems to be several downtown's. And there is a very interesting similarity with the landscape and the built landscape they seem to mimic each other and ironically the lines pulled from the high-rises sometimes harmonize with the ridges of the hills.

Downtown #__

It looks funny if you squint

Yes I did it!!

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