Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Artist of Summer 2010

As you know and as I have broadcasted on many occasions my affection for music, here is my effort at being a stockbroker for talent.

I have never been so certain before of an artist that will become famous. Janelle Monáe is the most incredible new artist you will hear this year. Artist as in singer, songwriter, performer, and story. She does everything. Her narrative is quite odd and bold at times but is very poetic and really ties everything together with a nice pro-active jab for equal rights and opportunities.

I first came across her in Fall 2008 when I found her crazy but incredibly well done video and song "Many Moons." Since then I've become a big follower. I actually got to see her for free last summer on my birthday outdoors in Brooklyn, boy she does not hold anything back. She staged dive a couple of times and was painting on a canvas throughout her entire performance, until the end when she gave it to a young fan. Knowing her talent I have always said to myself 'when'... when will she explode on a national scale.

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope (ft. Big Boi)
(right click and save for MP3)

Now with the new video and date set for the release of her album, I am convinced her reign will begin soon. The fact that she is on the cover of Eleven, the cooperative music magazine from the Colleges throughout St. Louis shows that she's really gaining momentum. Her album drops on May 18th. So after that expect her to skyrocket.

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