Thursday, March 25, 2010

CCB takes leave... back into SLo MO

I guess this concludes (for now) the journey of life and its quest for meaning.
James and brother gringo John are both suspended domestically now, but for only an indefinite amount of time. I'd like to keep exploring of course.

Its funny how you discover and learn things most when you don't think and just do. If there is anything I learned this past year, from living abroad. Its more about the amount of knowledge I don't know. I really don't think you can ever learn anything about yourself or the world, unless you change your lifestyle and challenge yourself every once in a while.

The lifestyle back here in Saint Louis is rather well uninspiring frankly. And if there is anything I have learned about being here it is that I am not a school person. Some peolpe just don't do well at school, not because they are dumb or lazy but because of the system. School doesn't really decipher talent or skills. It just further categorizes us. Sure it can be a place to expand your boundaries and challenge your ideas, but what does that mean if you don't work well within the hierarchical system? If you can't tell I'm starting to get burnt out.

I am currently scheduled to be finished in December, till then I'd have to put my life on hold. Well with a little summer fling of course. It be an injustice to the rotation of the earth and seasons if summer wasn't taken fully advantage of.

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