Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Panama City

So, as all the schoolchildren return to school, my summer ends as well. I'm in Panama City now -one of the many legs of my long trip home. I finished up at the orphanage and InglesTec yesterday and got on an early flight this morning. I got to go on a tour today and see several cool parts of the city. Also, the Panama Canal is AWESOME.

But, my hotel isn't exactly in the greatest 'hood and all the people here seem a bit touched in the head, particularly compared to Davidians and Boqueteños. Also. now that its dark I{m told I shouldn't go outside around these parts. So, I{m about ready to come home.

¡Orphanage Update! - I went to Casa Trisker for the last time yesterday. I was a little bit bummed. To our surprise, most of the children were there and not in school. When I asked how come no one was in school the kids responded that there papers were not in order. So, that means the employees didn't arrange the proper paperwork to re-enroll the children in school.

On Thursday, we held a charity quiz night at the bar and raised $140 for the orphanage. In two weeks we raised a total of $240 for that and the GEM Project. (Guess who was responsible for the quiz content¿?)

I was quite excited to bequeath the baseball equipment and football to the boys yesterday. I was hoping I could give it to them directly, but after speaking with Bob and Pat, we decided it was best if I left it with them. That way they wouldn't break anymore windows or hurt any of the younger kids. Also, that way it won't disappear. Bob and Pat are highly suspicious of the Trisker employees and think that they often steal items donated to the orphans and bring them to their own families. Bob and Pat have donated unbelievable amounts of time and money to the kids there and have never once heard a thank you from the staff. They bought numerous toys for the kids for X-mas this year which they are now unable to find anywhere on the premises.

I found out a little but about the background of my boys. Angel was born when his mother was only 14 years old. She was allowed to live in the orphanage along with Angel. However, when she turns 18, which is fairly soon, she has to leave. She has to find somewhere else to go. Angel{s mother also suffers from some type of mental handicap. I also found out that mi sobrino Juan was actually born in Trisker. His mother is also a resident.

I'm going to miss those boys. The other day most of the kids were at the beach, but Angel was not allowed because of 'porto malo' - bad behavior. I was kind of proud of him for some reason. Ha!

I'm going to say my prayers and go to sleep. Thankfully there is a squad of police officers who mill about the area and often times chill in the lobby.

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