Thursday, October 14, 2010

Round Due


Site of Ceremony and Reception at Gainey Vineyards, accessible via Hayride.

Mrs McCaffrey, and the Bridal Party in thought

Its funny meeting cousins' cousin's while celebrating more cousins.

The diverse, unique and frankly weird California landscape never fails to impress. Being from Long Island the topography in CA is well appreciated and all the funky things that go along with it are just great, like the shrubs, the hawks and rocks formations. Morro Rock and Guadalupe Dunes were my favorite. Let alone, ocean is awesome as well.


The Shisle is more familiar terrain for me, considering Steve and Lu have a house there and we visit every summer. Still a beautiful setting. The sunset made for a terrific golden hour, or as others persist 'magic hour.'

This is cousin Al in the middle. I haven't been able to get in touch with him since the wedding. I just get his agent who keeps telling me "he's busy."
Al's best man toast at the dinner was... well... it'll be pretty hard to beat.
Following a quota of funny stories he put Bobby's whistling talents on the spot, making him whistle for Jen. Of all songs in the world, Bobby picks "Bicycle Built for Two" who knew he would pick that? Well after Bob's recital, Al asks us to serenade them and tells us to look under our seat cushion lyrics to Bobs jingle. This was followed by a collective "Oh no he didn't."
Whereto Al responds during our ensemble with a "Hell yeah I did" while doing a lap inside the tent on his gift to Jen and Bobby. A Bicycle, built for two.
I was marveled. I heard one person fainted. If you read this Al, I miss you.

Decadent and delicious dinner with two long tables. To each section there own cheese ambassador.

Ca and Re showing how it gets done... and who brought this guy?

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