Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday Suspense

I remember in June of 1994, in the prime of my youth and appreciation for athletics I was so excited one night that I ran around the block clanging pots and pans as if ringing in the New Year. The Knick's had beaten the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the eastern conference finals and were on their way to the NBA Finals. At that point, my concept of excitement was pretty naive due to youth, but it along with my nerves reached a new peak.

This time around the nerves are more dominant, but I can't say its less intense, there's just a bit more maturity when the excitement is processed. But IT REALLY FEELS GOOD, insanely good beating the Patriots. It's like that best piece of steak you have ever tasted.
The Jets are New York. A talented team with great camaraderie and big mouths. Just like Oak and Mas' back in the day defending MSG. I can't wait till Sunday. Rex is my man, Sanchez is well... lets just say 'learning' and I couldn't agree more with Cromartie; Brady is an Asswhole.

GO JETS! (And screw everyone else, cause we don't like you either)

I can't decide which is the most awesome picture what do you guys think.


I think this one takes the cake, cause it makes me smile and feel warm inside.

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Kate said...

recalI like Edwards doing the airplane and backflip. He's the epitome of childish memories