Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 Days in a Minute:20

In architecture education a good portion of the cash is going towards the creativity, experience and wisdom of my faculty and how they help nurture and advance my design processes, whether it be through spatial experience, graphics or using new computer programs to better represent your ideas. But if you expect to learn a new program or method constructively you will most likely get this:
"If you want to learn it go to a community school."
Which in reality means:
"I'm really smart, you fool. My time is so valuable to you that it shouldn't be wasted on me helping you learn a program. You should teach yourself.
... and I probably don't know the program anyway."
With that said I did grudgingly make a video using a program I have never touched before. I think it came out okay. But I surely spent too much time on it due to my lack of knowledge with Adobe Premiere, which in the end made my weekend frustrating but hopefully productive.