Saturday, March 14, 2009


I really love mornings. I wouldn't necessarily categorize myself as a "morning person" not really sure of what that entitles, but I do enjoy getting up early and having the whole day ahead of me.

Mornings are when cities are in their most raw form. The sky and clouds identify themselves through an insecure mist. People are rising from slumber, adjusting and going from place to place. Here in Helsinki the transit system is in full swing. And the sun is fighting vigorously to show its existence by casting shadows. It feels like the city is running but nothing has officially started yet.

And I love how people are also in their most raw state. My uncle mentioned once that it is better to do yoga in the morning because you have less distractions. It's true, we are most focused (not necessarily most productive) in the morning. Even though we may be drowsy whatever we are seeing or doing gets our entire attention.

So here is my morning for you. It's my journey from bed to studio; every 4 minutes or so.

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Carrie said...

When's your spring break trip? Is it coming up?