Monday, March 30, 2009

SB - Recap #1

Since there is so much to say about Spring Break ill try to keep this short.

The power of a cities ability to recall experiences is quite amazing. Returning to Wiesbaden was very refreshing. The weather wasn't as glorious as I remember being there in the summer, but it was great to see the town, and David and Ethel and my friends.



My advice is to never wait too long to visit a place you lived/loved. It might be bittersweet, but places stick with you for a reason and the time you are there is always present. I see younger people at the Schlacthof dancing/drinking beer and having a great time and I see myself six years ago and simultaneously today.

The Schlacthof - an awesome Slaughterhouse (literal translation) turned dance hall and bar

The infrastructure of Germany has been so well developed and planned that the way cities function and grow is so stable. I was re-acquainted with my favorite term and part of any German city the "Fußgängerzone" it literally means "foot-goer zone" or as we say in english pedestrian district. Every German city has a district without cars, its usually the old core or "Alt Stadt." It has all the bakeries and pubs and shops you want. And when I think about it the district is so much more sustainable than current city centers. In Germany they build things and when they work they keep them that way.

Johnny in Mainz Altstadt

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Some Sure Things said...

I never thought much about seeing Germany, but from reading what you describe here, it sounds like Germany has a lot to offer. Very interesting, and I mean that. More photos please! (and I mean that too..ha!)