Thursday, April 2, 2009

SB - Recap #2

Before I cruise off to Stockholm for a school excursion here is a more detailed post of the last one....

I have to say this: I have a shit load of photo's. I took over 600 photo's so it's hard for me to pick and choose what is good enough to show. So I will try to put up as much as possible.

France was great. I mainly went to two different cities (Marseille and Nice) and a couple of other villages. Every place was different and wonderful. I could talk all day about the experiences and what it felt like for me to be there but I'd rather get to the photos. So in short Marseille and Nice are two completely different cities and I was really glad to see the contrast.

Here is the first two days in France chronologically
Roman Nimes - Marseille - The Calanques

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Some Sure Things said...

Where was this photo taken? soooo pretty (behind you, I mean!)