Monday, April 13, 2009

Stockholm: Put it on your list

Hey folks. Now its time to chime in on Stockholm. We ventured there last weekend for 2 days as a class and had an awesome time exploring. I kind of detached myself from the group for a bit so I mostly got first acquainted with Stockholm by myself. Here is a list of why it is an "awesome" city.

The people are friendly and have awesome style. I guess we were lucky cause the weather was amazing on saturday. But everyone was outside sitting in the sun, drinking beers and just chilling. Everyone was content, and was happy to see others. Not to mention the bikers and ladies on bikes that were everywhere.

- History.
It was refreshing to get to a city with a Medieval core and range of significant pieces of architecture that span generations. And the best part is that all these styles and buildings are not just distinctions but rather woven into the whole of the city. The old and new coordinate harmoniously.

- Geography/Neighborhoods.
I put these together because they both come about because of eachother. Stockholm has rivers, islands, hills, bays, more islands, and it creates this unique set up for boulevards neighborhoods, parks, squares, harbours and so on. There is a neighborhood in Stockholm for everyone. And the diverse geography makes for few bad places to live. It seems like every building is a short walk to an awesome park or square or nature.

I did mention the awesome people right?

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Some Sure Things said...

The city looks amazing, but what is that huge monstrosity of a building looming above all the nice looking ones? Why is it there? It really looks totally out of place.