Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stockholm: 2

I went to one of the most powerful places I've ever been. The Skogskyrkogården (good luck pronouncing it) is an easy metro ride south of the city. It's a wooded cemetery with an amazing landscape. Ive never been in a place that felt so content and peaceful. The trees, graves and landscape are all intermingled and creates a powerful feeling of unity.

The other place that was quite impressive was the Vasa Museum. The Vasa was this glorius ship built by the Swedish Kingdom and set off on its maiden voyage in 1626. It's maiden voyage lasted about half an hour before it tipped over and sank. Luckily for us it sat completely preserved at the bottom of the freshwater river for 333 years before archaeologists had the tools to bring it up. The museum was pretty impressive.

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Some Sure Things said...

How about being there while listening to Alexi Murdoch...