Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday greeting for Dad

Dear Dad,

I was on the subway with Willie the other day. And he had this confused look on his face. He mentioned that his odd look was due to a group of older suspicious men. Willie said "they are looking at you funny." So I turned around and they gave a little smirk. The men then made this gesture with their hand's to imply something large and they said in broken English something along the lines of "so big" and that's where it shifted from confusing to comedic. The small Korean men were marveling at my large calf muscles.

Thanks dad, you made my day along with a bunch of random Korean subway riders. I have been hiking that mountain behind studio a lot so you'd be proud to know that my legs are becoming even more disproportional to the rest of my body.

Happy Birthday,

For those who don't know John Morgan, I usually describe him to my friends as "he's a lot shorter than me but has calf's twice the size."

These arent the old guys on the subway nor my father for that fact, just some buddies who like to share booze and food on the mountain.


Buck said...

Yo Jimbo-

I was gonna go to Koreatown and get Dad some Korean fried chicken and beer for his birthday but now Ma says we're going to a beer garden or something. Now I'm suppposed to go to PA, too. Sucks.
How was China? Thank God you didn't do anything stupid and get tossed in the Gulag (what's the Chinese version of a gulag?). Because then me, Rambo and Bill Clinton would have had to come to bust you out of there.


Why are you a better writer than me? Stop it.

katherine said...

HI Jimmy
Dad wasn't feeling so great so we didn't go for weinerschnitzel but had pizza as usual. Love the blog and photos. Where's the smog? LA is in a bowl too and you can never see it through all the pollution.Question - are you going to come home? It seems you are enjoying Korea much more than anywhere else and I hope you're not thinking of staying there.But if you do or go back maybe we'll get to visit too.
love ya and miss ya

Carrie said...

Haha love the random new friends