Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Must See List: Beijing + China

Sorry to all those loyal CCB followers for leaving you hanging for so long! I couldn't log onto blogspot while in China! I took over 700 photos so I need to filter them a bit. Here is a quick tee.

Beijing was....

Well its hard to explain how it felt. It was the first time since I was young and saw the Parthenon that I felt the power of history right around me. Except this time was different. It seemed that not only was I observing incredible past civilizations, but that I was also in the middle of History and the world evolving. The temples, hutongs (alleys) and people of Beijing all possess a consistent vibrancy. A culture with life in it's rawest and most basic form. And a built ancient history that is incredible but doesnt feel detached from the present.

A couple for now...

Lama Temple

Great Nick Wallin' it up

Sacred Way at Ming Tombs

Ancient Ming stone village

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Carrie said...

I LOVE your Great Wall shots. I want one for my wall.