Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peking Daze

Perhaps the context of my visit to China was quite significant to how I viewed it. We flew to Beijing on Saturday around noon. Here's how things led up to that.

Thursday: worked in studio all day, and all night
Friday AM: slept for 2 hours total pinned up for mid review
Friday PM: spent 6 hours listening to architecture dialogue about our projects, followed by a Korean dinner on the floor with our professor and reviewers, Couch-beers and PACK!

So in contrast to the way I usually approach trips to other places or let alone countries I never visited, there was no suspense leading up to Beijing at all! Willie, Nick and I were planning to go to an additional city in China but never had the time to figure things out. So it never hit us till we checked in at the airport that we were going to China. Funny yet exciting.

The whole time I was there, it was hard to convince myself that I was in China. Disorientation coupled with amazement; an interesting context. However, the longer I stayed the more I was impressed and became accustomed.

Here is our trip to the Great Wall. I believe it doesn't need much explanation.

This is Sabrina. She is a great new friend. She was working at the Day's Inn where Jordy and Andy were staying and was jealous/interested when she was helping us book a cab for the day to the Wall. So instead of being jealous, she came!

A nice lady we met on the hike mentioned that the Great Wall is the biggest public works project in the history of the world.

"I'm in China!!!!"

12 Km - Jinshanling to Simatai

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Buck said...

We know the Koreans have never seen legs like that, but have the Chinese ever seen an ass that big?