Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't VOTE! (For him)

As opposed to my previously patriotic contribution this one's less rosy. Although I have to say that my supposed beverage of choice 'Hater'-ade (as noted by some friends) doesn't come unwarranted. Its usually brewed from a high-dose of frustration that's pretty common.

This Saturday all college footballs big personalities and previous winners of the sports ultimate prize will crown a new Heisman Trophy winner here in New York. This season has some incredible student athletes vying for the individual achievement, and some not so incredible.

In case you haven't heard anything about the front runner, either on or off the field, here is a little bit about Cam Newton, or as my brother has coined more appropriately Scam Newton:

"Newton again violated the university's honor code by putting his name on another student's paper and turning it in. Newton was caught after the instructor asked the real author of the paper why he had not turned in his work. Newton turned in a second paper to the instructor, but that paper was later found to have been purchased off the Internet."

0 for 2 buddy. But before the University of Florida had the chance to academically discipline Newton, he had already withdrawn and skipped town enrolling at a junior college in Texas. Which served as the negotiating table for his 'pay for play' options to re-enter a major conference. His pops said just a scholarship wasn't gonna do it, try 6 figures, and then he got convicted for shopping his son. But due to the NCAA's stone age legal process they can't think of how son Cam had anything to do with it. BS.
It's inevitable that he'll get caught, so why vote for him now when there are other more incredible candidates out there? Here are the letters I just mailed out.

Dear Sam Bradford, Archie Griffin, OJ Simpson, Roger Staubach and all Heisman Winners,

Don't vote for Cam Newton. A vote for him would compromise the quality of the amazing piece of history which you worked so hard for and deserved. Voting for Scam sends a terrible message to student athletes and promotes misconduct.

Sincerley, James and the World

Soon ESPN will start airing promo's with the jolly tune "Its the most wonderful time of the year" in reference to Bowl season of course, while showing highlights and upcoming matches making all us pigskin cravers warm and jiggly inside like holiday egg nog. But as much I love it, it get's me drunk off Haterade how corrupt of a system the NCAA has gifted its national championship to.
The BCS is terrible. Football is the only sport where the NCAA does not crown its champion, and CEO's of the BCS bowls rack up yearly salaries of 500,000$ (for operating one game) while nickeling and diming the schools participating. There has been many a written why the BCS is terrible so I wont indulge, lets just hope it changes.


Vote for Andrew Luck. He is the best QB in the country and is an ARCHITECTURE MAJOR! (Told you architects are smart)

Although we'll see how far he gets with that degree considering he's only a sophomore but is expected to be tops in the draft.

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