Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm really happy for all my friends who just finished up their degree project thesis this past weekend. I wish I was there to celebrate with them, we've been through a lot together and have traveled great distances.

I was supposed to be on the same schedule and time-line but due to my self disciplined TO from school, I'll have to wait till Spring to join them in there rank as Master.
I wish them all luck in their diversity of paths, and look forward to keeping in touch.

Enjoy some Partner photo's from their future firms.


Cassandra said...

Thanks James...you are wonderful.
I wish you were with us too. I've missed you. But don't worry because next semesters crew is going to be a lot of fun! And I'll be around town to help you put trees on your site model. :)
(When you get into town you, Jordan, and I need to go out to dinner for some serious bonding time.)

Jordan E said...

I ein't goin' to no dinner with nobody. Just kidding. I love this post! And wish you were here, but at least you know we all made it, so your chances are pretty high too!