Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Beer-lectro" SB 2009

Headed to Germany and Southern France for Spring Break! Covering all the bases, seeing family, friends and exploring new territories. Haven't seen David and Ethel or Melanie and Markus in almost SIX years! So I'm pretty stoked and surprisingly somewhat nervous about going back to Wiesbaden.
On the other hand Southern France is met with some great suspense. I got my flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Montpellier for 9.50 Euros total (thanks RyanAir) Hoping to get to Marseille, Corsica and Nice probably some swimming or cave jumping, I doubt the Mediteranean will be cold enough to deter me. And oh yeah maybe some disco-electro-Yelle meats Justice-dance-Daft Punky bar hopping.


Unite d'Habitation

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