Saturday, February 28, 2009

RE: First Impressions

After being in Helsinki for over a month it's time to re-examine or confirm my first impressions. I like bullet points so here are some.

Helsinki is young.
-The city was first settled in 1550 by the Swedish as a trading port, but it burnt down a couple times so the current city center wasn't established till 1820. Which makes it younger than Boston and New York. Which I found quite surprising for a European city.

Small Grocery stores on every corner = kickass
- It's so much better and economical than in St Louis where I had to take a bus or the metro to the grocery store. It's easier to save money and eat better when you have a grocery store right next to you as opposed to a take out joint/fast food place.

The transit system is awesome.
-Trams are frequent and fun and the metro is bright orange and fast. It also sounds like something from the old school Nintendo game Megaman when it winds up after leaving a station.

Finnish Cuisine = not so awesome
-I haven't really basked much in the local delicacies because what I have had hasn't been that impressive. potatoes seem to be on top of the food pyramid and Herring and other fish are the staple. However I haven't gotten to the reindeer yet, which has potential and there is an awesome bakery right around the block from me which has great cheap pastries, sometimes they OD on poppy seeds though.

Them Finns love their sauna.
- Considering i have been to sauna a number of times here already and i cant remember the last time i went to one in the states I have to say that the Finns love their Sauna. We were just told in our building systems class that there are about 5.5 Million people living in Finland, and there are roughly 2 million sauna structures, our professor said "So on average every family owns 2 saunas." I wonder when you are federally unemployed if you get "sauna-stamps" granting you federal access every month or so.
I enjoy sauna as well. There's something about standing in the buff on the rocks, drinking a beer with your compatriots, shooting the shit and watching the clouds pass by trying to dim the moon, somewhat/how liberating.

Meet my classmates. Here is some photos of others.

Vaclav and roommates (Jordan + Cassie)

Johnny (drawing shit)

Jono (JB Dowse) Laughing at me

Misseur Frombeau (Matt Frombo about to mock me, most likely with hand motions)

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Jordan Elyse Adsit said...

i love these pictures - i stole the one of vac, me, and cassie :) i'm beginning to think it's not the camera that takes good pictures, it's you... because these are as good as the non-digital ones.