Saturday, February 14, 2009

Utö - Middle o' Baltic

Pretty amazing being in the middle of nowhere. From the high points or almost anywhere on the island you can see all the horizons.
Utö was orginally settled by the Swedish King back in the mid 1700's as a post for shipping pilots to stay here and help foreign ships navigate through the Baltic. Since then its been thrown around between the Finns and Russians as a military base so there are tons of bunkers and cannons everywhere. Historically speaking it never was really active during war time so Utö is most famous for shipwrecks and rescuing those stranded.

Here's some things I have taken in:
- I have never seen the moon so clearly and bright at night.
- There is one traffic sign on the island and its to watch out for toad crossings
- The wind changes everyday and sometimes when I look up it looks like its blowing in every direction I turn
- I feel like I can see the curvature of the earth when gazing at the horizon line over the sea

Ferry ride




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