Friday, January 1, 2010

1.1.2009 - 12.31.2009

I'm ending 2009 right now in ironic fashion to how I lived the entire year; Static on the couch of my parents house, battling a schizo cold, and stable sinus congestion. Apparently the air in New York has a lot more in it than Seoul.

Like expected I was hoping to run and gun it in New York City this evening and see many people and many places, capping the year off victoriously, but unfortunately my state has immobilized me. Which I find quite OK actually. Maybe suitingly, like all long journey's at the end they require rest.

2009 was epic.
I'll raise my shot of Sudafed to toast the year...

Thanks to all the dedicated followers of CCB.

Cheers to the suspense in life that comes from uncertainty.

I hope the future brings a new map to navigate.

Thanks Mom + Dad.

Thanks Pie.

Thanks Russ Chimes.

Thanks Seoul.

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