Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boquete, Day 1

So, I made it. I actually made that connection from Tocumen Airport (which is out in the middle of nowhere) and Albrook airport. They are a half an hour apart, my flight was to leave at 4 and at 2:30 I was still literally in the back of the plane waiting to get off. Customs was like 10 feet from the gate. I waited on line for a little bit and then spent literally 10 seconds at the desk. The agent rifled through my docs, stamped my passport vigorously and uttered a sharp and terse "Bye" and that was the only word she said.

My cabbie made mad moves and got me to Albrook where I was sweating it out waiting to check in. Luckily Air Panama doesn't seem to give a shit about all this checking-in-an-hour-beforehand nonsense and if you get there with 10 minutes to spare they'll board you no prob. There I met up with April, another volunteer heading to Boquete. It was nice to see an American face among the whirlwind of rushing and confusion.

We arrived in David and took a bus ride up to Boquete. The bus had about 70 people in it, it took about an hour and cost $1.50. Ha! Everything here is incredibly cheap.

Boquete is a lively, happening town. This week is a huge festival here so there is party and noise all night long. Anyway, it seems pretty cool. I'll add some more later but I have to get my act together.

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Wesley said...

enjoy boquete and make sure to drink some of their world famous coffee!