Tuesday, November 24, 2009

99th %... No thanks

In a world of architecture its so easy to get lost in your work and methods. And life seems to be outside the box (studio) while you're stuck in it. It's easy to get competitive and try to be the best. Luckily here in Seoul the culture requires you to get out. We go out for everything, which as you can imagine I am 100% in full support of. Competition is a different story.

If you study really hard or have worked forever at a specific task you are probably in the top percentile of that particular facet of life.

In life I'd hope be in the 98th percentile at a bunch of things as opposed to being in the 99th percentile at one thing. Here is my list; inspiration and motivation:

I am 70% finished with my Masters so I guess this qualifies me more than the majority, but I don't really have a drive for it compared to other things. Maybe it's just been architecture overload for me for the past couple years and perhaps my sub-passions have helped me focus and motivate me to continue architecture.

I use the term music in a broad matter here. Its so refreshing to find a new song that I enjoy. I research music a lot. Mostly through blogs and bands that I like. There is a song or type of Music for every occasion or emotion, or train ride, or movie. If you want to hear what I'm listening to now, just shoot me a line. Going to a great concert is an incredible physical and mental experience... ha that kind of sounds like sex. Maybe that'll help explain!

There is nothing more suspenseful to me than venturing to a metropolis that I have never experienced before. I love riding on the subways or just walking around parks, or finding particular demographic neighborhoods. I love bars, fish markets, alleys, coffee shops, churches, and local people. I'm pretty established at researching and determining the vibe a particular city projects.
My list of international cities has doubled this year. So I've learned a lot.

Ok this one is a bit vain... Though, I'd like to think someday I'd be pretty good at this.

Drip Castles:
I could probably give up all the above to just spend my entire life at Lido West (pre or post-high tide) studying drip castles. All day.

What are some other peoples' 98th %?


Jordan E said...

This is my favorite blog post ever - not just by you, but ever. Seriously.

Maybe I will just have a blog in response to your question, as a comment may not come near rivaling this post, not even 98% of it.

Some Sure Things said...

ditto to jordan's comment. seriously.