Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best of the Rest: Beijing

Here are some of the other amazing sights in Beijing. I need to get back to Seoul though.

The birds nest is probably the biggest victim to inaccurate criticism. It was seen by the whole world last summer via the television but the scale and tectonics of the building are incredibly impressive when experienced up close.

Forbidden City

We were lucky to meet some great friends to show us around the city this is Fan Fan and Way Suwan they are Urban Planning majors at Peking University which is one of the top schools in a nation of 1.3 billion. They were very kind and showed us around the Summer Palace.

Lama temple. Inside this temple is an 85' Buddha carved from a single trunk of white sandalwood... unreal.

After trekking to Cuandixia my camera battery had died. Which was quite relieving really. So the last day and night was spent wandering the hutongs and neighborhoods by foot with no camera or Ipod.

It just felt awesome.

A picture is only worth a thousand words. Go explore.

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What does the bird's nest feel like?