Monday, November 16, 2009

The Future

Whoops I forgot to tell you guys... a week before we went to China I saw the future. No I'm not kidding it was the future. It was ehhh... ok I guess.

Actually it was pretty wicked. We went to Song-Do City in Incheon about an hour west of Seoul for our Urban Issues class. It's a master planned city in the process of being built. Half the site is currently water. Its being built on "reclaimed land." Or in simpler terms: dirt thrown into the sea.
Crazy eh? The motivation for Song Do City is to create an international free economic zone. Based on its in really close proximity to the airport (15 minutes.) When we asked one of the Urban designers if the project was setback at all she nodded with certainty "yes" and said completion has been pushed back till 2015.
I said to myself "pushed back, 2015, are you kidding me?" Can you believe all those lots will be skysrcapers by 2015? Unbelievable.

You can see the new bridge to the airport in the background. It was built over water. Now they are pushing earth under the bridge into the sea, to make land for the city.

Come on little kiddies lets go to the fair to learn about the future city!

I vote that if we ever come across another planet that we let Korean developers take handle of it. They could build that shit up in seconds. Uhhh well that might not be a good thing. Lets just hope Song Do works out.

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