Monday, November 2, 2009

Tunes: Fall Music

As a music binger it's probably healthy for me to broadcast my passion.

When fall comes around my brain usually has a hard time functioning on my recent go to genre - Electro. I don't really care for bittersweet songs that remind me of the summer, but I need something that's more laid back and sophisticated. A type of music that has a matured (like the weather in Fall) feeling and perhaps urban vibe. So I always find myself returning to Trip-Hop.

Trip-hop works because it gives off the same erie feeling that can often be associated with the Fall. Days are getting shorter and colder, trees lose their leaves, summer is over... winter is coming. Its change.

6 Underground from the Sneaker Pimps is probably the best example of trip-hop. It has a great quazi-creepy feeeling but is still relaxing. It make's me want to go ride around the Berlin metro on a cold Fall night. Pretty random and odd but kind of cool right?
I'm sure you have heard a couple of trip hop songs The Garden State soundtrack is an example. Among my other top trip-hoppers there's Morcheeba, Massive Attack and one of my favorite bands of all time Zer0 7, who just came out with a new album last month that I think is great.

In other tunes news here are some lyrics that inspire me.

"This aint a song its a call to arms"
Sam Roberts Band Up Sister

"I've taken far too many chances on these less than idealistic romances"
Los Campesinos! We are All Accelerated Readers

"Yeah, I've got love handles but I cannot handle love."
Said the Whale Howe Sounds

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Borooney said...

Well you don't have to listen to trip-hop. It might not sound that appetizing, but its interesting to see music in the context of seasons.